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Welcome Valiant Cyke!!!!!!

Rabbitville welcomes our new habitant Valiant Cyke. He brings great knowledge of rabbits, dogs and cats and will share tips and experiences with all of us!!!!! =)

Adopt a Rabbit: Roy & Hailey

Here are a pair of cute bunnies in need of help at the Toronto Humane Society.

Here is THS’ Description of them:

Meet Roy and Hailey- two beautiful Chinchilla-mix breed rabbits. These two were found abandoned in a box, so not much is known about their history. They are a tightly bonded male and female duo, and have been spayed/neutered and have a clean bill of health. Now they are ready to bask in the comforts of a stable home!

These are two very relaxed and friendly rabbits. They love to check out new people who visit them inside their pen and will come right up to you and sniff you all over. They are always happily lazing about their cage, fully flopped out and enjoying life. As soon as they smell greens, they hop into action! They love their greens and are certainly not picky eaters.

These two are very attached and are looking for a forever home together. Rabbits kept in pairs tend to be happier and healthier than singly kept rabbits, and they certainly bring joy to their owners since they are always cuddling and grooming each other.

Like any other rabbit, they need owners who understand a rabbit’s need for exercise and daily interaction. If you have the room in your heart and home for these two, come in and speak with a Special Species Adoption Counselor!

Please note: to keep any rabbit happy, it’s important to give them big cages. When picking out a cage for your future rabbit, or custom building one your self, aim for a cage with minimum dimensions of 36″L x 24″W x 24″H.”
Lets find these cute bunnies a forever home,To adopt them and other bunnies in need and for more information, please follow this link to the Toronto Humane Society.



If you live in the GTA, you know how difficult is to find a good sitter for bunnies.

TRC has recommended Cat Sitter for Hire as offering 45 minute bunny sits at $22, no HST.

Adopt-a-Rabbit: Fanta

Fanta was rescued by Rabbit Rescue in June of 2011 and is searching for a home of her own. It is a cute rabbit, here is her story from     Rabbit Rescue:

“Fanta must be short for Fanta-bulous! She sure is a little firecracker! She came to us with a group of 100 rabbits June 2011 from a cruelty case. She was only a wee baby when she arrived and was vet checked as soon as she came in. It did not take her long at all to adjust to her new foster home…she was binkying within minutes. Fanta is a curious bun – an explorer at heart. She checked out her surroundings instantly and made herself at home. She loves her snuggles and will often smush down to the floor when you pet her so you get every stitch of her body in every stroke. Fanta is also very good with being picked up. She has a hearty appetite and is already eating a mix of timothy and alfalfa hays and pellets so the transfer to timothy as she ages should come easily. Don’t listen to her though, she’ll tell you that alfalfa is the only thing in the world she’ll eat! Fanta has just had her first piece of lettuce and loved it so this bunny will not be a fussy one! She is now on basil, and mint too! Playtime is so much fun as she races about and explores. Fanta is good on both linoleum and foam mats so she’d be ideal on any flooring. And it’s so fantastic when she races about as she’s got these amazing bunny flops when she’s tires herself out. She even has racing stripes above her back legs! Her cute little feet make the flopping   all the more wonderful to see! She is interactive with people and is very caring. She has very good litter habits. She will be spayed end of   Sept and can be taken home after that. If you think this is the bunny for you, apply to adopt her today and we can put her on ‘hold’ for you.”

To adopt her and other bunnies in need and for more information, please follow this link to Rabbit Rescue.

Lets find this cute bunny her forever home,



Dear Citizens of Rabbitville:

The forums are temporarily off-line. We’ll continue to get comments and continue any discussions in the posts.





Welcome to the Adopt a Rabbit Newsletter. We’ll look here for Rabbits who are in need of a home, we’ll give you information on how to adopt them and keep you posted on success stories.

If you are planning on getting a rabbit, adopting is an excellent way to find a furry friend and help a rabbit in need. Many rabbits are abandoned in shelters or picked up by volunteers every week and support association are in dire need of help. A foster rabbit is a great companion and adopting one will make that little rabbit very, very happy.

Celebrating the Bunny way….

“This little fluffy cottontail is hopping right your way to wish you lots of love and joy in this very special day”

Cottontail Baby

A nice phrase for any celebration =)









Thank you Mary Tyler Moore “Happy Birthday, Lou!” Episode 4.15 originally broadcast December 22, 1973 (MTMShow)

Pic, thanks Montana Outdoors

Hello bunnies and bunny owners of the World!

Welcome to Rabbitville. This is our first post and we are excited.

This is a place for you to learn about our furry friends and interact  with other bunny lovers.

I hope you have a great time and visit ofter. The rabbits at work here always enjoy your company.



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